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Freelance digital marketer | Steve Linney Marketing

How are freelance marketers igniting startup success?

Discover how freelance marketers fuel startup success with innovative strategies and dynamic brand building! Harness the power of expertise today!"
Web design psychology | Steve Linney Marketing

Decoding the psychology of web design

Dive into the heart of web design psychology with our expert insights. Learn how to create websites that resonate deeply with users and transform clicks ...
Website psychology | Steve Linney Marketing

Mastering the subtle art of online persuasion

Unlock the secret to capturing hearts and minds online. Master the subtle art of persuasion with our insider tips – your gateway to digital influence.
Meditation | Steve Linney Marketing

How meditation can make you a better marketer

As a marketer, I understand the importance of constant innovation and creativity. In a constantly evolving market, we must find ways to stand out and ...
Marketer shouting on a megaphone | Steve Linney Marketing

What makes a good freelance marketer?

In today's busy and ever-changing economy, what is it that makes a good freelance marketer? What skills and abilities do you need to be successful?
Can AI really become conscious? | Steve Linney Marketing

Can AI really become conscious?

Whether AI can become conscious is an idea that has kept philosophers busy. An answer to the question seemed to come to the fore earlier ...
Psychedelic header image | Steve Linney Marketing

How can psychedelics make marketing less evil?

The main point of marketing is to get someone to buy your product or engage with your brand. But does that happen through manipulation or ...
Meditation | Steve Linney Marketing

How to use binaural beats to help your meditation

Music is my first love. The way our minds can connect to a bassline, random snare, vocal hook or singalong anthem is truly joyous. Music ...
Beeline case study video | Steve Linney Marketing

Beeline case study

Beeline was in need of a video case study to use in a paid LinkedIn campaign.
Intent data

How to use intent data to grow ROI and sales

Unlock the secret to boosting sales with intent data. Discover how to identify ready-to-buy customers and skyrocket your ROI.
Smiling woman

The data and marketing trends in 2022 you need to know

When Christmas decorations start to spring up, it’s only natural that we look to the future and wonder what 2022 has in store for us ...
Decetralised finance graphic

How will decentralised finance affect insurance?

Not so long ago, cryptocurrency was viewed with a great deal of scepticism; it was for the dark web and not mainstream. But that's changed ...

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